This was not an easy decision to make but I have now decided to stop using Haxe for my Quaxe project. A month ago, I was discussing Quaxe with someone who easily qualifies as one of my mentors and, after a 45-minutes-long storm of questions, that person gave me excellent arguments to make me switch to Apple's Swift. I am then announcing I am working on the following Open Source components for Swift:

  1. a DOM implementation
  2. a XML parser
  3. a HTML DOM implementation
  4. a html parser
  5. a CSS Object Model implementation with my "better" CSS Values OM
  6. a CSS parser based on my JSCSSP parser
  7. a CSS engine
  8. a component model better tailored to Swift than Web Components (that I find ugly anyway)
  9. a framework turning html + CSS + Swift into native apps for OS X, iOS, Gtk+3 and I really hope the Swift port for Windows will appear sooner than later :-) No knowledge of XCode needed. No browser engine inside. Lightweight. Fast. Dynamic. Extensible.

As of today, the DOM implementation is 75% done, the XML parser is 95% done, the CSS parser is on its way, the build system improves every day. None of the codes listed above will depend on external libraries if you except some trivial usage of Foundation for NSStrings, that will eventually go away.

Reaching 1.0 for one platform (most probably OS X) will be easier and faster; but the side-effect is more work per platform.

Wish me luck, it's a lot of code/work.